Together, we are saving lives and building families

Many in our community desperately need love and support. From the woman who discovers her unplanned pregnancy to families in crisis, Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center plays a vital role in bringing the hope they need. Join us as we offer physical, spiritual, and emotional support.

Your act of kindness can be all a person needs to change their life forever.

Why Partner

Our partners are the lifeblood of this ministry. With your generous support, Fayette PRC is able to minister to our community's spiritual and physical needs. Your contributions make a difference.

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How to Give

Your gifts are what sustain us. Giving a financial gift or non-cash donation provide services that encourage a young woman to choose LIFE.

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Donation Uses

All financial gifts provide our clients free pregnancy services such as pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Your donations keep our mobile unit running to serve the community at large. Through you, we can continue to be a light to the world.

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Your Support Provides Hope

Isn’t it nice to know you can provide the peace a young woman or family needs in a world filled with fear? Even though you may never physically meet them, your gifts directly impact their lives. Consider giving to Fayette PRC today. If you’re not able to make a financial donation, volunteer your assistance. Everything matters when a beating heart is at stake.

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